WetDes BD

A disinfecting material for animal welfare

WetDes BD is a disinfecting fluid; it is a special mix of active quaternary ammonium chlorides, which have a good killing effect towards bacteria, viruses and fungi. WetDes BD is delivered on pallets packed in 10 ltr drums. One drum can be foamed to cover and treat 400 m2 stable floor or wall.

The material will achieve best covering and killing effect, if it is spread as foam and at a temperature above 15 C.
WetDes BD is applied each time a box or a floor is emptied for animals.


The procedure is:

  1. All animals must leave the box or floor
  2. Floor and walls are physically cleaned as thoroughly as possible
  3. The stable floor and walls are washed with a very basic soap, and dried afterwards
  4. WetDes-foam is applied to floor and walls to cover all surface completely. To obtain the best result it has to be applied at a temperature above 15 C, and the foam has to be left  for ½-1 hour to ensure effective killing of bacteria, viruses and fungi
  5. All WetDes-foam has to be flushed off completely by clean water, and afterwards the floor and walls have to dry
  6. A thin layer of DryDes is spread to cover all floor and walls to dry out all residual water. This will also give a good long-term effect towards bacteria, viruses and fungi if it remains when the animals enter the floor


Datasheets can be supplied upon request.


Environmental aspects

WetDes BD is a strong chemical, and it has to be handled accordingly. It means one has to use goggles, gloves and mask when foaming floors and walls. Other persons in the room, where foaming is executed, have to carry goggles and masks, too. All foam has to be flushed off completely by clean water. Other environmental aspects can be found in the MSDS, which can be requested at Tierra Products.