DryDes Care

Hygiene powder - absorbing, hygienic litter for better animal welfare in stables, sties and pens.


DryDes Care granules are a special mix of minerals and a disinfecting quaternary ammonium chloride. The minerals have good absorbing capacities. The disinfection has good effect towards bacteria and viruses.

DryDes Care can be delivered in 25 kg plastic sacks or in big-bags with inner line on pallets.

The material has been fractioned to cover a large area. One sack can treat 500 m2 box, pen or stable floor. DryDes Care is used for dosing in boxes, pens and on stable floors to reduce bacteria and viruses.

The mix contains several absorbing minerals. Some have large pores in the structure, and will absorb water or urine at once. Another mineral has a more fine pore structure; this mineral will keep on absorbing and remove re-sidual liquids.


Datasheet can be supplied upon request.


Environmental aspects

You do not need to take any special consideration when using the DryDes C material. The special minerals in the mix are classified as harmless minerals. However, unnecessary spill should be prevented as the inhalation of dust should always be kept at a minimum.

User guide for DryDes P and DryDes Care - how to spread in stables.