Hygienic and absorbing mixes

DryDes Care & DryDes P are hygienic minerals based on very absorbing mine­rals and a quaternary ammonium chloride as effective bacterial killer.

Both hygienic mixes are very efficient to reduce

  • bacteria
  • viruses
  • fungi
  • free water (urine and other liquids)
  • fly eggs, caterpillars and cocoons


DryDes Care and DryDes P are especially designed for all animals. Large animals like cattle, horses, goats and sheep, and smaller animals such as pigs, chickens, geese, minks etc. The mineral mix has large pores as well as very fine pores which makes it a fast absorbing media, and the fine pore structure ensures a long lasting absorption.

The major ab­sor­bing compo­nent in DryDes P has very strong capillary pores, thus it can even dry out fly eggs, caterpillars and cocoons


WetDes BD is a disinfecting fluid; it is a special mix of active quaternary ammonium chlorides, which have a good reduction effect towards bacteria, viruses and fungi.

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