AntiTox Sorb+

An efficient additive to feed stuff for swine, poultry and dairy.

Tierra Products have developed a new strategy that employs novel techniques to remediate the effects of mycotoxins in feeds and SHIELD your animals, ANTITOX SORB+

This is our next generation of mycotoxin binders, offering superior binding capabilities, a better adsorption profile and increased efficiancy. This deluxe product has great effects and is one of the very few products approved as toxinbinder since there is documented effect towards Fusarietoxin Aflatoxin B1. 

The remediation of mycotoxin should be approached as a holistic strategy utilizing both binding and degradation technologies alongside a biotransformation capability and recovery properties to ensure rapid and effective deactivation.

AntiTox SORB+ works four ways:

  • Bentonites – bind the “polar” mycotoxin
  • Yeast wall components – carrie toxins and pathogenic bacteria
  • Yeast cell extracts – transform the toxin to a less or non toxic form
  • Microbial nutrient package – supports tissue and beneficial microflora recovery


Mycotoxins are poisons produced from the secondary metabolic processes which occur naturally in a variety of moulds that grow on food crops. The amount and type of mycotoxins produced varies by the type of mould prevalent during different environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity. Stress on crops from insects, weeds and weather also influence mould growth and mycotoxin production. The effects of mycotoxins on animals vary from acute mycotoxicosis to the exacerbation of other metabolic problems. Mycotoxins can lower feed consumption and reduce production and performance.