AntiTox S

An efficient additive to feed stuff for swine, poultry and dairy.


AntiTox S is a mineral with soda treated Calcium Montmorillonite. It has good adsorbtion and ion exchange capacities to toxin and is one of the few products approved as toxinbinder since is has documented effect towards Fusarietoxin Aflatoxin B1. It also has a tremendous dry out effect to eg. corn.

This mineral has a large negative Zeta potential, which combined with a large surface area makes it very ef­fi­cient to adsorb and bind nonionic toxins. It has a high cation exchange capacity, CEC, too. By this CEC it can chemically exchange the ionic toxins and bind these to the mineral.


AntiTox S is added to feed mixes and/or to mixes for feed stuff pellets to deactivate the poisonous toxin. It has effect to toxin in the range from pH 1 to pH 11. The non ionic toxin will be ad­sorbed to the surface of the An­ti­Tox S particles, and they will be bond due to a difference in the electrostatic loads. The ionic toxin can be ad­sor­bed and  bond in a similar way. But due to the CEC they will further more be exchanged by ions in the mine­ral.

Adsorbtion and/or ion exchange starts, when the feed stuffs are mixed, and the effect is strengthened, when feed stuffs pass down through the stomach and in the intestine system.

Once the toxin are bonded to or exchanged by the AntiTox S, the poisons from toxin cannot penetrate the intestine membrane and  give any toxic harm to the animals.

The toxin will stay adsorbed or exchanged by AntiTox S through the complete digestion system, and they will leave the animals with faeces.

AntiTox S will not influence the digestion of any of the nutrients.

Due to the large grain surface and a bulk density like corn, AntiTox S will be ideal as carrier in mineral mixes.


Datasheet can be required upon request.


Environmental aspects

The mineral, AntiTox S is classified as harmless according to EU rules.

When working with AntiTox S as a powder, it is recommended to wear mask, and it is recommended to avoid spills in areas with heavy traffic, as it can become very slippery, when it becomes wet.

For more information see the MSDS, which can be required at Tierra Products.