Feed additives

AntiTox Sorb+ and AntiTox S will efficiently adsorb or exchange toxins, such as Aflatoxin B1. Adsorbed toxins will not penetrate the intestine system, and consequently it cannot harm the animals.

AntiTox S is one of the few products approved as toxinbinder since it has documented effect towards Aflatoxin B1.

The toxins are adsorbed or bonded to the minerals and will pass through the stomach system. This adsorption is very strong and most toxins will leave the animal with the feces, reducing or completely preventing mycotoxicosis.

The ability of the minerals to adsorb nonionic toxins is a function of a large particle surface area in combination with a high negative Zeta potential. For ionic toxins a high Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) is an advantage, too. The mycotoxins are selectively adsorbed or exchanged by both AntiToxes without any loss of nutrients.

Tierra Products have developed a new strategy that employs novel techniques to remediate the effects of mycotoxins in feeds, ANTITOX SORB+

This is our next generation of mycotoxin binders, offering superior binding capabilities, a broader adsorption profile and increased efficacy. This deluxe product has great effects towards the Fusarietoxin aflatoxin B1.

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