PotMix 713

Mineral additive for culture mediums especially suited for peat moss and sandy mould


PotMix 713 is a mixture of clay minerals, which mainly consist of smectite.The mixture is able to absorb large amounts of water and has a high CEC, which over a long period binds and releases the positively loaded fertilizers, macro and micro nutrients. Furthermore, the mixture has a high Zeta-potential, which combined with a very large particle surface, makes the material capable of adsorbing and maintaining pathogens and some of the damaging heavy metals.


PotMix 713 is a mixture of dry powders, which can easily be mixed with dry as well as wet soil substrates. Due to the large water absorption ability and the ability to bind and release fertilizers, macro and micro nutrients and to fix and maintain pathogens and heavy metals it is ideal for peat moss in greenhouses and for sandy mould.

We recommend to use 10 kg PotMix 713 per cubic metre peat moss.

Even a low addition of 5 kg PotMix 713 per cubic metre mould is extremely effective.


Datasheet can be required upon request.


Environmental aspects

No special issues should be considered when using PotMix 713. However, you have to be attentive to waste. If wasted powder gets wet the surface can be very slippery. So avoid waste in areas where there might be traffic.