TP Clay Granule 2-6 mm.

A peat moss and/or soil additive for better plant growth


TP Clay Granule 2-6 mm. consists of high quality Scandinavian mineral moraine clay.

Moraine clay was formed during the last ice age in Scandinavia and is thus geologically young clay. The clay is due to this fact free from contaminates such as heavy metals, sodium, chloride and dioxins.

TP Clay Granule 2-6 is mined locally with minimal environmental impact and low carbon emissions. TP Clay Granule 2-6 meets national environmental laws and is approved for use in accordance with EU regulations for organic production.


TP Clay Granule 2-6 is used as an additive in sandy soils, peat- and coco based growth me­dium to increase the clay mineral content for horticultural production in flowers, trees and shrubs.

TP Clay Granule 2-6 has high cat-ion exchange capacity and acts as a nutrient buffer. TP Clay Granule 2-6 acce­lerates the absorption of water and disclosure of the water in the substrate. TP Clay Granule 2-6 is re­com­­men­ded for substrate to medium-sized pots and grown to the substrate with coarse sieving of peat or coconut fiber.

Use 30-70 kg TP Clay Granule 2-6 per m3 peat moss or per m3 soil

TP Clay is ma­de of Scandinavian moraine clay. It is dried; crushed in a mill and sieved to frac­tion 2-6 mm. (Other fractions can be produced upon request). Packaging as 1000 kg Big Bag or 20 kg bag (48×20 per EU-pallet)


Datasheet can be requred upon request.


Environmental aspects

Case management is recommended in contact with the product. Wear suitable respiratory equipment: Use a half mask with particle filter P3.