Clay and Mineral Products


Our Clay Granules are high performance clay with excellent natural properties. It has been used by substrate manufacturers and growers for many decades all over the world. The product is chosen for its strength also during extreme conditions. Our moraine clay has a great mixture of minerals. Since the clay originates from the ice-age melt water lakes, it has never been exposed to chlorides. The special mineralogical composition makes it unique and powerful.

Our PotMix 713 is the latest product in our Horticulture line. PotMix 713 is a mixture of minerals which originate from countries around the Mediterranean Sea and is especially well known for its extreme water absorption as well as its high CEC which binds and releases positively loaded fertilizers, macro and micro nutrients. The innovation behind PotMix 713 ensures great results with a much lower consumption compared to standard Clay Granules.

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