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High quality products for agriculture and horticulture


Tierra Products offer a wide range of high quality products for agricultural use. We specialize in disinfection, hygiene products and feed additives that contribute to cost effectiveness and toxinbinder.


Tierra Products offer a wide range of high quality products for horticultural use. We specialize in clay mineral mixes for the peat moss industry that ensure better absorption.

Private label

Tierra Products can arrange specified products within our segment under private label.
Contact us to learn more about the possibilities for exclusive recipes in your own design.



Tierra Products ApS is a family owned company specializing in products for agriculture and horticulture. 


For more than 35 years Tierra Products have developed, manufactured and researched clay mineral products and are in a leading position in its field.


We offer a wide range of high quality product lines especially designed for each individual field - from disinfection and feed additives to mineral mixes that ensure great adsorption.


We aim to be close to our customers while working on a global scale. We take pride in good relations, customer service and due diligence.


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