On personal data security: GDPR

*N.B. The following text is translated from Danish, and if any irregularities, flaws and/or deficiencies should occur, the original Danish text on GDPR is to be followed.

Giving consent when placing an order  

When you place and approve an order (make a purchase) on the web shop of the publishing house of The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters and/or sign up for a bookseller’s account (to receive the bookseller’s discount on 25 %), you must type in some of your personal data, for instance your name, address, e-mail address, and perhaps CBR and telephone number. By clicking the box “On personal data security: GDPR” in continuation of placing an order, you consent to letting us (The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters) keep the data you have typed in, and to letting The Royal Danish Academy use said data to complete our obligations towards you in connection to your purchase.

Will we share your data with others?

Your data will be shared with Visma Software A/S in accordance with the agreement between The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters and Visma Software A/S. Furthermore, your data will be shared with a third party, if the payment method and/or delivery option selected requires that we share your data with third parties. This is the case when choosing credit card payment as the preferred payment method. In said case, we will share your data with Nets (including DIBS and Teller) to complete the payment. The same applies to any payment made via Mobilepay (this payment method is available if the customer himself/herself chooses to pick up the order at the secretariat of The Royal Academy), and in such cases, we will share your data with Mobilepay (including Danske Bank Group and Danske Bank A/S). In addition to this, we also share your data with a third party when you choose to have your order delivered via mail (letter and/or parcel), as this delivery method requires that we share some of your personal data/information with our courier, Postnord. However, no personal data is sold to any third party.

Which data will we keep, and for how long?

We will keep any relevant data for as long as we are instructed to according to Danish accounting legislation. To protect you from fraud, we will be saving your IP address as well.

Your rights

In accordance with GDPR, you (the customer) have the right to gain access to all your personal data that we may have kept. You also have the right to demand that we delete all such personal data saved in our systems. Please contact the secretariat of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters should you wish to create any such inquiry. The contact information of The Royal Academy can be found by clicking the flag “Contact” on the web shop of The Royal Academy’s publishing house.

Management of personal data

If you believe that we are not acting in compliance with our obligations in relation to GDPR and the management of personal data, you may contact the Danish Data Protection Agency (Danish: Datatilsynet).